Delphi RIO 10.3.1 FMX TListView ‘ItemClickEx’ fires 2 for single click


I’m trying to implement a ‘toggle’ function when clicking on a tlistview item. But when testing I notice that the click event get’s fired 2 times with a single click / tap with IDENTICAL parameters..
I’m testing this for now on windows.
Is this ‘works as designed’ ?
I only added a listview to an empty form and implemented the ‘ItemClickEx’ event.
I could not find a workaround way to my toggle..except implementing a timer that would keep track of the clicks and ignore a second click to soon…
( it seems the FMX framework also works with delayed events when looking at the stack trace )

I tested also the onitemclick event and this one DOES fire only once. .. so I could probably use it to implement simple workaround. But not nice, I need the ‘ex’ version as well as eventually, I need to add/delete items from my list which is recommended only from the ‘ex’ version, according to the documentation .


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