Delphi 10.4 Sydney is Available


Following the beta testing period and some blog post pre-announcing some of the key features (see also my blog), yesterday Embarcadero officially released RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney, which includes Delphi 10.4.
My Top Three Features
There are many new features in the product. For Delphi developers the key are:

The first cut of Code Insight based on Language Server Protocol. This is a huge step for the product, a new foundation for the future of the “IntelliSense” capabilities. From this foundation, we’ll continue to improve and expand in the future. Top feature is completion within words — rather than starting with what you type. Nice side effects, much better red squiggles.
The introduction of custom managed records. Records in Delphi are extremely powerful and handy (with methods and operators overloading) now custom initialization and finalization add more power
The extensive enhancements on VCL, with support for High DPI Styles and new platform support with TEdgeBrowser control, among many other features (Per Controls styling, TTitleBar, Virtual Image component, updated API declarations…). FMX and RTL and many other areas got improvement, but the work on VCL has been really extensive for this release

There is way more in the product, this is just my personal take of the top 3 areas we worked on. Extensive bug fixing is another key element of 10.4, with one of the highest number of public reported bug fixed in a release. And the return of a very nice classic Delphi Greek helmet logo!

Noteworthy Links

The official RAD Studio 10.4 announcement by Sarina is at

Direct download of the online installer from the new download portal:

The YouTube What’s New video:

The 10.4 Demos on GitHub at:

What’s new web page:

What’s new docwiki page:

Minor features and list of fixed issues:

Official press release: (I’m even quo ted in it!)
Interested in a trial?

Feature matrix (PDF):

Todays’ Webinar
There is still time to register for the Launch Webinar (6PM in Europe) at To touch on all new features, this is going to take about 2 hours, and we’ll have a break for attendees to relax! Join us later…

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