bitblt replacement for FMX framework


we are using Delphi with VCL framework with the following code snipet

tempBMP := TBitMap.create;

tempBMP.SetSize(aLargeRectangle.Width, aLargeRectangle.Height);

BitBlt(tempBMP.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, tempBMP.Width, tempBMP.Height,
MyOtherImage.Canvas.Handle, aLargeRectangle.Left,
aLargeRectangle.Top, SRCCOPY)

we are now working on crossplattform programming with these questions

bitblt is part of gdi32.dll , does this mean 32 bit and only
good/useable for smaller images ?
How to use bitblt with FMX
framework ?
How to replace bitblt with pure FMX ? better and
faster ?

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