Delphi XE8 TBindSourceDB component using MasterSource


The question is what is the correctly usage of MasterSource for TBindSourceDB

1 ListView with departaments with a navigator linkeds to a TBindSourceDB (the master).
When navigator Insert button is pressed another listview becomes active, the cities ListView.
Now the cities ListView with another navigator links to another TBindSourceDB, the cities (the detail).
I need cities be mastersourced to departaments. How and where must do it?

Both, the master and detail TBindSourceDB are linked to Firedac TSimpleDataSet components which have MasterSource property. I’ve filled that property on detail pointing to master component.
The problem is: when the “detail” navigator button insert is pressed , the OnBeforePost from TSimpleDataSet fires, because it wants to do a Post!! and not fires the OnAfterInsert event.
Which is the correct mode for work master->detail data with Firemonkey and TBindSourceDB components?.

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