Take a headstart by embracing the latest browser changes


What has been going on lately?
Microsoft and Apple recently announced big changes regarding their browsers and more importantly on the embedded browser components that are currently available in Windows, iOS and macOS. Microsoft announced it will start rolling out replacements for Internet Explorer and the legacy version of Edge with Edge Chromium in January (https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/4501095/download-the-new-microsoft-edge-based-on-chromium). Starting from April this year, Apple is blocking applications that still use UIWebView (iOS) and WebView (macOS), which already have been deprecated for a while now. (https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=12232019b).

What does it mean for my application?
It means that applications that use TWebBrowser or any other webbrowser component that uses Internet Explorer, UIWebView or WKWebView, will eventually stop working, potentially throw JavaScript errors, will not be accepted to the App Store, … . It also means that your application is less secure as security updates will no longer be applied. Sit tight!, we have a solution for that!.

Taking a headstart!
Yesterday we released the TAdvWebBrowser, available in v10.2 of TMS VCL UI Pack. Today we released TTMSFNCWebBrowser available in v2.1 of TMS FNC Core. Instructions on how to get up and running with the browser under Windows can be found here. For macOS and iOS the WebKit framework needs to be added (instructions on how to add frameworks can be found here). Our main focus is to support the latest browser changes through these 2 components. Note that FNC is supporting FMX, VCL, LCL and WEB (here the TTMSFNCWebBrowser is not a real browser but actually a DIV that can add HTML), and can easily be combined with default components under all these frameworks. So get up and running with the new and improved browser under VCL and FNC, take a headstart and please provide feedback on which functionality you want in the next updates.

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