FireMonkey – Distributing Win32 application


I have developed a Win32 FireMonkey app using IBLite embedded database manager. I want to distribute it to other Win32 environments, using Inno Setup. I have configured the Deployment info on Tools > Options according with Port number and IP address suggested by AP-server, set the password to masterkey, tested the connection (which is OK) and make the Deploy. Next, on Inno setup, on Files section, I included all generated files and set DestDir = “{app}\DestPath”, where DestPath is the same as in the output dir of the generated Deploy dir. Then I built the script and run the installation file. Every thing is OK on Program Files (x86)\MyApp: all files where correctly copied at their respective directories. Nevertheless the app stacks, because can not get access to the database (I know this is true, because I did the whole process without database access and the main app screen was correctly displayed). The database itself, is placed on C:\Users\Public\Documents.

My environment:

OS – Windows 10 64 bits (updated)
IDE – Rad Studio 10 Rio (version 20)
app kind – FireMonkey

What I am missing?

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