why Delphi FillEllipse do not fills it with bitmap on Android (however works fine on Windows)?


Delphi 10.3.3 Firemonkey, multi-platform App.

Why below code paints Ellipse filled with Bitmap successfully on Windows, but paints an empty (transparent) ellipse on Android? (i.e. on Android it is not filled in with my Bitmap)?

// below code is inside OnPaint procedure TForm1.PaintBox1Paint(..)

with Canvas do
Fill.Kind := TBrushKind.Bitmap;
Fill.Bitmap.Bitmap := a_bitmap; // a_bitmap is TBitmap prepared earlier
that I prepared
Fill.Bitmap.WrapMode := TWrapMode.Tile;
FillEllipse(circle_rect, 1, Fill); //circle_rect is TRectF prepared earlier
// I also tryed FillEllipse(circle_rect, 1) – same effect, it works on Win but not on Android


While FillEllipse filling with bitmap not working, I implemented a workwround using FillRect instead of FillEllipse:

Fill.Bitmap.WrapMode := TWrapMode.TileStretch;
FillRect(circle_rect, 0, 0, AllCorners, 100);
// Bitmap I used a PNG picture in form of circle and transparent background around circle…

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