TMS certified consulting partner: Kassebaum


Roman Kassebaum started to work with Delphi in 1996 after he graduated with a Master degree from the University of Paderborn. Since 2001 he is working as a freelancer. He is a Delphi MVP and an Embarcadero Technology Partner. During the last years he became a member of the great TMS team and is also a certified TMS Consulting Partner. He is a specialist in all kinds of Delphi projects including TMS Business components and the cutting edge TMS Web Core library for which he created the Delphi IDE integration.

Company history

Started in 1996 with Delphi and in 2001 as a freelancer.
Kassebaum is located in Bünde / Germany.
Kassebaum is a family business: Roman is supported by his wife and sons. The older one already studies Maths and Information Technology. The younger one currently builds web sites.

Rapid-fire with Roman…

Your main work?

I'm converting components from older Delphi versions to the recent ones. People know me for the Turbo Pack components.

An example of your work?

An example of my work is the IDE integration of TMS Web Core.

Which TMS components do you mainly use?

I'm using TMS BIZ (XData, Sparkle, Aurelius and BCL), TMS Web Core, TMS IntraWeb and TMS PassKit.

Which operating systems do you use?

I'm using the platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

TMS Partnership:

Roman started with 1 small project in collaboration with Wagner Landgraf. Seeing his great work and enthusiasm he was later involved in the TMS PassKit project.

And before he knew, he was a valuable part of TMS team and the IDE integration for TMS WEB Core was trusted to him!

Roman is not only a certified TMS Consulting Partner, but also a regular speaker at the TMS training Days.

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In May 2019, we've started our network of TMS certified consulting partners to make development easier for you. These are partner companies we know, have a long term relationship with and that we know have deep and expert level knowledge in Delphi and our TMS software component products.

We plan for extending our network of consulting partners in the coming months and years. If your organisation is interested in becoming such partner, feel free to reach out & discuss.

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