Happy Delphi 25th anniversary: follow hash tags #Delphi25 and #Delphi25th


I wish I could have prepared something more substantial for the 25th Delphi birthday.
Alas: life has been tough (see below), so please keep an eye on these search terms, hash tags and start posts from past Delphi team key members:

[Archive.is] #delphi25 hashtag on Twitter
[Archive.is] #Delphi25th hashtag on Twitter
[Archive.is] Danny Thorpe (@danny_thorpe) | Twitter

[WayBack] Danny Thorpe on Twitter: “As we count down the days to the 25th anniversary of the launch of Delphi, I’m continually thankful to have been witness to the “Camelot”/”dream team” era of Borland which produced so many legendary, industry-changing, jaw-droppingly amazing products. #delphi25″

[Archive.is] Zack Urlocker (@ZUrlocker) | Twitter with articles from [Archive.is] TheOpenForce.com)

[Archive.is] .EXE Interview with Anders Hejlsberg on Delphi (1995) – TheOpenForce.com
[Archive.is] Danny Thorpe: Why The Name “Delphi?” – TheOpenForce.com
[Archive.is] Delphi Informant: Giving Birth – TheOpenForce.com

[Archive.is] Ray Konopka (@RayKonopka) | Twitter
[Archive.is] Anders Ohlsson (@suited_aces) | Twitter
[Archive.is] MarcoCantu (@marcocantu) | Twitter
[Archive.is] John Kaster on Twitter: “@danny_thorpe keeps a copy of his Delphi book at the @LookerData office so other engineers can read up on how component frameworks can be designed correctly. I asked him to bring it in last year, since I loaned my copy out and never got it back.… https://t.co/totJQUhDrF”
[Archive.is] David Intersimone (@davidi99) | Twitter
[Archive.is] Steve Teixeira (@stevetex) | Twitter
[Archive.is] Anders Hejlsberg on Twitter: “A trip down memory lane! Thanks for posting, Zack. Can’t believe it has been 25 years.… “

Search term: “Interview with Anders Hejlsberg and Chuck Jazdzewski #Delphi25th”; highlights from it:

“The men in this video are responsible for an incalculable amount of software, in one way or another. It boggles the mind to think about their impact on our industry.
I know, right? If you aren’t using software they were directly involved in, then you are using software inspired by their software.”

Delphi 1 being postponed 6 months to ensure the visual designer and live data worked properly; the side effect was top notch quality of other product areas
Shipping the RTL and VCL code was very important
“If it was done right, we wouldn’t have a job” – had me truly LOL! It is so true! The Windows API was powerful, but hard to use – slightly better today, but still Delphi run circles around any other UI for Win32 tool – VB included.
Method Pointers changed the perspective of a lot of software development, even outside the Delphi world
Peter Sollich working on the compiler (Wish Peter Sollich was mentioned more; he was instrumental to the compiler.)
Garbage Collection is beautiful, but adds a truckload of complexity interfacing to the non-garbage collected underlying Windows API
The power of the VCL component model working irrespective of the state (having a Windows Class, Window Handle, etc) of the underlying Windows controls
The automatic recreation of underlying controls when certain component properties change is still important today on the supported platforms, for instance when switching from landscape to portrait mode
Reference counting (which was already with large strings) only gets you so far, as it can leave isolated islands that never get collected; mark and sweep was hardly used in any other environment
The beta/field-test/code names (like Delphi, Wasabi, Mango) depended on the group of people they were sent to
“Very important was that the Delphi 2.0 compiler and VCL was long underway before Delphi 1 was released. That made the transition from Win16 to Win32 so much easier.
Yes, and really interesting in terms of strategic planning”

“I think Monet was ObjectVision 1.0 I think -and ObjectVision 3.0 was bundle with TurboC as I remenber it – I was PM on that in Scandinavia. :)”
Chuck is now working at Google on a new framework for Android Development called “Compose”.
Anders worked for a short while on Visual J++, then on C# and .NET, then adding TypeScript, and helped Microsoft move from inward oriented company to opening up to open source. He now spends his time committing code to github (github.com/ahejlsberg) because he wanted to go back to coding instead of managing.
“If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.” It stopped playing as soon as you switched to YouTube.
Sorry. Must be a network issue. We will send out a replay link.”

“The first time I used Pascal, it was Compas Pascal – also written by Anders Heijlsberg. Now he is behind C# and TypeScript – he surely is leaving a major mark on the runestones of software development!”
DogFood is important; Turbo Pascal and Delphi were among the first; C# and TypeScript now do this too.
“Will the anniversary page Delphi.embarcadero.com be available in future also ?
Yes, that is the plan. We made it Delphi.embarcadero.com instead of Delphi25. so we can keep it around. Plus we have more content comming on there.”

The Delphi compiler version actually started at 1.0 for Turbo Pascal 1.0

A few of my recent tweets:

Parts of the book and course collection. Note the main shelves are 3 books deep. #delphi25 https://t.co/RvJyNAhBBe pic.twitter.com/SfsiW7cKox
— Jeroen Pluimers (@jpluimers) February 14, 2020

Most of the boxes. About half folded for space reasons. A few on related things from that era. #delphi25 https://t.co/Gx5zvjG63q pic.twitter.com/FO5JLH28r5
— Jeroen Pluimers (@jpluimers) February 14, 2020

Delphi 25th pages

The Embarcadero Delphi home page temporarily has a 25th anniversary theme (hopefully I can save more out-links in the WayBack machine in due time)

[WayBack] Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary | Join the celebration looking back and forward from 1995 to 2020 and beyond!

Media from 1995: Internet Archive Search: creator:”Borland International”
[WayBack] 25 Years Of Delphi And History Of Pascal | Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
Delphi versions

[WayBack] Delphi 1 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 2 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 3 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 4 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 5 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 6 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 7 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 8 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
(Note that C# Builder is missing)
[WayBack] Delphi 2005 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 2006 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 2007 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 2010 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi XE – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi XE2 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi XE3 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
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[WayBack] Delphi XE8 – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 10 Seattle – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 10.1 Berlin – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 10.2 Tokyo – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary
[WayBack] Delphi 10.3 Rio – Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary


[WayBack] Delphi Informant – Giving Birth | Celebrating Delphi’s 25th Anniversary

I do want to thank a few of the people of the Borland Amsterdam office, for which I did the technical presentation part roughly in the Borland Pascal through Delphi 1 days:

Geertien Stuit
Gerard van der Pol
Gidi Schmidt
Marcel Timmers
Margreet van Muyden
Martin van der Togt
Martin Pamdeth
Sylvia Witteman
Wim Hoek

The list is not complete; the below status has a huge impact on my memory. I’m sure more names pop-in my mind later, so the above list will be more complete in due time.
The question “Is it Delfai or Delfee?” (besides only Delfee being right) only has just right answer: [Archive.is] Danny Thorpe on Twitter: “Yes!… “.
Delphi, not AppBuilder
Despite you can still find the AppBuilder name in various parts of the product, I’m glad it was called by code name Delphi.
For posterity:

Novell / AppWare: [WayBack] Visual AppBuilder Architectural Overview and [WayBack] AppWare – Wikipedia

Current status
This has made me do far less software development over the last 6 months:

Me fighting rectal cancer, recovering from radiation therapy, and having major surgery coming up in a few weeks time leading to permanent colostoma (most likely) or temporary ileostoma (very small chance)
Eega trying to figure out which physical symptoms match what lab/scan results turning up ~20 years after her sarcoma, and recovering from large cyste surgery 9 weeks ago
Us finding new caretakers for mentally retarded brother as the current ones fail at signaling and assessing his behaviour and state
Us coaching the care-team around my mom who has rapidly increasing Alzheimer’s

The blog is on auto-post (with a queue filled for roughly 2 years).
Most news is on the pinned post (which changes every few weeks) at [Archive.is] Jeroen Pluimers (@jpluimers) | Twitter
Hopefully: [Archive.is] Jeroen Pluimers on Twitter: “(: After recovery (see profile; it will take considerable time) we plan to do a west-coast and maybe even “larger USA” visit so we can say hi to many people from that era. It’s gonna be relatively low budget, so let us know if you like say hi, or have ideas on route/stay.… https://t.co/xYzjzuwVHj”
Bookshelf and disk collection
This is just a tiny part of my Bookshelf related to Delphi and Turbo Pascal. The shelves are 3 books deep, so hopefully in the future, there is much more to cover (:
Pictures from the above tweets:

Main book-shelf (3 rows deep, so 2 rows invisible), including:

Really old stuff like Object Professional (on 5.25 inch diskettes!), B-Tree Filer, Turbo Professional (all from Turbo Power)
C# Builder 1 box
Many books

Various books including:

Delphi High Performance, Parallel Programming with OmniThreadLibrary (both by Primoz)
Refactoring (by Martin Fowler)
Delphi Component Design (by Danny Thorpe)
The Pragrmatic Programmer (by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas)
What If (by Randall Munroe)
Code Complete (by Steve McConnell)
Clean Code (by Robert Cecil Martin)
Delphi Unleashed (by Charles. Calvert)
The Tomes of Delphi (2 editions, both by Julian Bucknall)
Delphi 2005 (by Marco Cantu)

Books to be organised:

Advanced Pascal Programming Techniques (by Paul A. Sand)
Personal Kanban
And nother thing (part 6 of 3 from the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Eoin Colfer)
The art of Agile Development (by by James Shore & Shane Warden)

Borland Pascal 7, Delphi 2. Delphi 6, C++ Builder, C++ Builder 4, HTC X7500, iPod 1st Gen, Delphi 5, Kylix, Delphi 6, …
Windows 95, Office 95, Internet Explorer, Partition Magic 6, 3.5 inch diskette drawers.
Drawers with the CD media of:


Delphi (1.0/95) related CDs:

Field tests
Delphi 1.0
Delphi 1.0.2 (marked 8.0.2 as that was the internal product version)
Rad Pack (I reviewed it for the now defunct Delphi Magazine)

3.5 inch diskettes, including:

Delphi 1.02 Client/Server

More 3.5 inch diskettes:

Borland Fabulous Fonts (yes, those fonts they used in their manuals)

And a few older pictures:


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