Delphi datasnap REST server – Auto login for Android and ios client applications


I have created a Delphi Datasnap REST server that provides api end points to android and ios client applications.

On UserAuthenticate method, I set the valid flag to true so that subsequent calls to any api endpoint doesn’t require any authentication.

When I login through android/ios application for the first time, next time when a user opens the application I want him to automatically login(auto -login kind of feature).

I did some diggings but could not find much help on how to implement access token. Please suggest your thoughts on the following queries:

How do I generate an access token based on the User device ID ?
Which is the location to store such token info on android and ios ?
How to use this token for validating the authentication during subsequent api calls ?

or Is there any easier or in-built feature to save the user authentication on client side ?

Please suggest.

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