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I missed this one, so I was glad I archived it because I was curious for Daan van der Werf – Delphi op de werkvloer “Groothandel & Magazijn”.
So here it is: [WayBack] Delphi Conference 2018 –, with fixed and archived links where possible.

Presentations and code from the Delphi Conference 2018

09:30-10:30 – Keynote: Marco Cantú – Product Manager Delphi – “Delphi 10 for Windows 10 and beyond”

PDF Presentation:  [WayBack]

10:30-11:30 – Brian Long – Creative Delphi Debugging Techniques

PDF and source code: []

11:50:12-40 – Brian Long – How to Access the Android API

PDF and source code: []

11:50:12-40 – Bruno Fierens – A RADically new way to develop modern web applications

PDF presentation: [WayBack]

13:30-14:20 – Roald van Doorn – Continuous delivery with existing VCL Applications

PDF presentation:  [WayBack]

13:30-14:20 – Daan van der Werf – Delphi op de werkvloer “Groothandel & Magazijn”

PDF presentation:  [WayBack]

14:30-15:20 – Danny Wind – Micro Services and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Delphi

Not available yet

14:30-15:20 – Bob Swart – Delphi en FireDAC Enterprise Connectors

PDF and  [WayBack] source codes in zip file

15:40-16:30 – André Mussche – De opkomst van spraakherkenning

PDF Presentation: [WayBack]
Sources:  [WayBack]

Generator: [WayBack]

15:40-16:30 – Marco Cantù – RAD Server In Depth

PDF Presentation: [WayBack]
Demos of the RAD Server session are at: [WayBack]


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