Is there a csOwnerdrawfixed Style or equivalent available for FMX TCombobox


I am converting a VCL project to FMX to take advantage of multi-platform functionality and add a more modern style to the project. I am using a TCombobox to display a location and an IP Address.

In the VCL project I am able to use the csOwnerDrawFixed style that allows me to handle tsv formatted text and display neatly what displays as two columns in the combobox dropdown. I have searched high and low to find a similar method to do the same with the FMX combobox but to no avail. Is this functionality hidden away some place that I have yet to find or is it simply not available in the FMX combobox component?

If the latter is the case, is there a way to show tsv formatted text in an FMX combobox.

Any help much appreciated.

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