Android FMX INDY SSL Works on debugging but not from PlayStore download


I’m facing a weird Delphi Indy SSL problem. I developed an app for Android which connects to an Server with SSL encryption. I provided OpenSSL libraries and it works fine on debugging the device (Samsung A 3 2016). But when I upload the .aab file and download the app from the PlayStore (internal Test), my app is unable to load the SSL libraries. So I tested with different devices to reproduce the bug. Unfortunately it worked on all device I downloaded the app (32bit and 64bit). I’m stuck with these particular device where I cannot reproduce the unable to load SSL Library mistake.

Successful tested devices
– Samsung S4 Mini (32bit)
– Samsung S7 Mini
– Sony XPeria XA (64Bit)
– Sony XPeria XZ1 Compact (
– Huawei P30 (64Bit)

Unsuccessful tested devices
– Samsung A3 2016 (32bit)
=> this device is not able to load the SSL Libraries I provide

here is the Code I use to set the path depending from the OS and CPU

{$region ‘Android’}
FAppPath := TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath,’bit64′);
MemoText := ’64 bit SSL libs: ‘ + FAppPath ;
FAppPath := TPath.GetDocumentsPath ;
MemoText := ’32 bit SSL libs: ‘ + FAppPath ;
MemoText := ‘IdOpenSSLSetLibPath(‘ + FAppPath +’)’ ;
MemoText := WhichFailedToLoad;

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