Hardware Locked Licensing Delphi RIO


i want my user to use my software only in one system or login once at a time for that i want to know how can i create such keys that’s effected by changes in other hardware.

I am using that key to check in server and return true if the key generated by user hardware is same as key stored at first login from my desktop app.

and at logout i am deleting that key from server and saving the key which will be fetched from next login hardware..

I’ve read all the related question but they are useless when any part of hardware is changed(such as hdd changed). and i know that this thing is not 100%.

Is key based on bios is good alternative to hdd cpu and other components as they may change anytime ?

https://www.azsdk.com/hardwareid.html i found this for delphi but this is way back updated and
supported in windows 7 don’t know about Windows 10.

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