FireMonkey Beta for ImageEn, Imaging Library


We have now released a beta version of ImageEn/FireMonkey. At this time, only Windows targets are supported. Other platforms are planned.It is a direct port of our VCL version, but does NOT include:Any Dialogs– ImageEn open/save dialogs- Built-in image effects dialog (TImageEnProc.DoPreviews)- Built-in image I/O properties dialog (TImageEnIO.DoPreviews)- Layer Properties dialog- Printing and Print Preview dialogsAny Windows Features– Windows shell components and features (such as video thumbnails)- TIEFolderMView- WIC file formats and features- GDI+- Rich formatting for text layers- AVI and Meta-File supportOther– Image Acquisition (Twain, WIA, WPD)- Video Acquisition (DirectShow, MMF)- Support for plug-ins like ImageMagick and WpViewPDF- Legacy components: TImageEnVect, THSVBox and TGradientBoxNaturally being a beta, it will have bugs and incompatibilities. Beta testers are expected to test and report issues.The beta is open to anyone with an active ImageEn license (as it includes all ImageEn source code). For more information, Compiled DemosComplete Editor:Image display and editing application Viewer:Using TImageEnMView to show thumbnails for images in a folder Layer Editing:Usage of image, shape, text and line layers Editor Actions Demo:Complete image display and editing application built using only the TImageEnView Action set Actions Demo:Complete image layer editing application built using only the TImageEnView Action set Actions Demo:Multiple image display and editing application built using only the TImageEnMView Action set Actions Demo:Demo showing all ImageEn actions (230+) available to rapidly build applications Tool Demo:Using the in-built Brush tool to paint onto an image Tool Demo:Using the in-built Clone Brush tool to copy and erase content within an image Fill Tool:Using the Fill tool to replace the color within an image with a new color or transparency Effects:Use of transition effects to smooth the changing of images during a slideshow Photosphere Viewer:Interactive display of “Equirectangular” images (Google Android PhotoSphere 360° panoramic images) Filter Comparison:Display of all the available ZoomFilter effects for image smoothing Fill to Polygon:Creates a polygon by performing a magic selection on an image (matching a color range) Demo:Use of TImageEnView.SetNavigator to show the currently viewable portion of the image and Grid Demo:Divide an image into a grid and allow selection of individual cells

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