Delphi Firemonkey Tmediaplayer Plays only sound no video (.mkv file) Windows and Android | Windows after installing codec


I am trying to play video files, using TMediaPlayer, (non standard supported formats) in this case started with “.mkv”.
First tried without installing any codec (Windows 10), I knew I should get error(s), but this way I possibly could figure out how tmediaplayer works with media files.
Second,on Windows, I downloaded and installed the “CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)”, from When run project in this case, no errors, hearing sound of the video(movie) but no Vidoe is shown. When I run my project and start playing, a program named “lav splitter” starts and is shown on trayicon, which is installed by installing the codec. This does not happen while play the same video with WMPlayer, WMPlayer is playing the video.

So far for windows, I have compiled the project for android and started the app on a tablet with android 4.4.4 . I did not install any codecs, maybe together with any other app in the past, or this format is supported on android, not sure.
The same problem exists on android, I can hear the sound of the video, but no video is shown.

procedure TForm1.CornerButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
var mediafile:string;
mediafile := ‘storage/extSdCard/yuzuklerin efendisi.mkv’;
mediafile := ‘F:\yuzuklerin efendisi.mkv’;
MediaPlayer1.FileName := mediafile;

The problem is solved for windows by starting a new project with the same components, mediaplayer, mediaplayercontrol and button. Probably some changes in the coding somewhere caused this.

Android problem is still remaining. On android, it’s able to play Mp4 video, but when playing mkv video, only audio is playing. meanwhile tried on a 10inch tablet android 4.4.4 and mobile phone android 8.1.0. Both playing only audio (.mkv)

I have placed TMediaplayer, TMediaplayerControl and a button.

Any Ideas why this behavior and how to fix.

Probably I might get downvoted for this, I was thinking of deleting the post but changed my mind, the following info can be interesting;
Downloading and installing/registering “LAVFilters-0.74.1” for windows from GitHub, allows the mediaplayer play (almost) any media (tested on Windows 10).
Something I did not expect but tried to play is livestream…, even this was possible…
It seems to that the livestream is also being handled by lavfilters(codec).

About Android, still need extra info about how to get media files/streams played using mediaplayer component. It seems to that I need a codec to get it working but I don’t know how/where to get and install yet.

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