Which stylenames from the stylefile appear in the optionlist of the stylelookup property?


When building a firemonkey application using a stylebook, I’m trying to understand which styles ( stylenames ) from the stylebook appear as an option in the proposed list for the stylelookup property for a firemonkey control.

E.g. when using a tlistboxgroupheader inside a tlistbox, you can (only) choose ‘listboxplainheader’ as style ( although the default style file also contains e.g. listboxgroupheader ). You can edit this property manually and I suppose the related style will be used then but I’m puzzled how this list is determined ?

I’m aware of how the default stylename is determined ( via naming conventions ) in case it’s not set explicitly, but this is clearly a different story as e.g. the word ‘plain’ has nothing to do with tlistboxgroupheader. I don’t find anything in the ( text ) style file that could link ‘listboxplainheader’ with tlistboxgroupheader.

Is there a way of changing this popup list ( if you wanted to ? e.g. create a custom style and have it appearing as a choice for all your other similar controls for quick use )


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