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In our previous blog we presented our first consulting partner C-QUEL

Our second TMS certified consulting partner is

Company history:
The story of how Serge Pilko’s hatred of C ++ and Basic at school grew into a love of Delphi 3 at the university and in 2008 turned into the creation of his own company Softacom (Enterprise digital transformation & software modernization experts).

Softacom founder and CEO Serge Pilko (Embarcadero's MVP / Delphi Evangelist), together with his team, is helping local companies and multinational enterprises digitally transform and upgrade legacy software.

Headquartered in the capital of Belarus (Eastern Europe), Softacom provides migration, integration, and reengineering of all types of software created using Delphi and .Net technologies. Companies around the world successfully grow their business with desktop, web and mobile applications designed and developed by professional business analysts and Softacom software developers.

Technologies used:

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android
Databases: Firebird, Interbase, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite
Components: TMS VCL Components, TMS WEB Components, FMX Components, FNC Components, TMS Business Tools, TMS Developer Tools

Examples of projects with TMS components:

Non-food store-oriented POS system software for the nationwide Microcom ApS, a provider of IT solutions and retail products, specializing in box and warehouse systems.

Components used from TMS VCL UI Pack: TAdvDirectoryEdit, TAdvStringGrid, TAdvMainMenu, TAdvPanel, TAdvSmoothPanel, TAdvComboBox, TAdvPanelStyler, TAdvGridPrintSettingsDialog, TAdvSmoothCalculator, TAdvDateTimePicker, TDBAdvGrid.
An integrated software platform for analyzing thin films and controlling all spectroscopic ellipsometers and reflectometers for a leading global supplier of scientific instruments and optical components.

Components used: TAdvTrackBar.
Development of a mobile application to conduct marketing programs, attract customers and increase sales of a large American chain of stores.

Components used: TMS FMX UI Pack, TMS FMX iCL, TMS FMX WebGMaps, TMS FMX Cloud Pack.

Tools: RAD Studio/Delphi/?++ Builder (Firemonkey and VCL), Ms Visual Studio (.NET/WinForms/WPF/ASP.NET, etc.), Angular, Node.js, Vue.js, Android Studio

TMS Partnership:
TMS Software and Softacom is a successful collaboration consisting of their expert development of components on the part of TMS Software and their expert use in their projects on legacy software migration by Softacom.
In addition, Bruno and Serge are productively creating a series of webinars on topics related to component-based software development with Delphi.

(Serge Pilko at TMS software main office, Belgium)

Did you know …

… that in the Republic of Belarus at the moment Serge Pilko is the only person who has the status of Embarcadero's MVP?

Final quote:
Going forward, do not hold on to the legacy, but do not give it up so quickly.
If you do not know what to do with your legacy in software, Softacom knows the answer!

Softacom doesn’t give up on clients’ legacy projects,
Softacom injects new life and power into them when it’s possible.

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