How to set the size ( height ) of a tlistboxgroupheader or tlistboxgroupfooter?


I’m building a mobile application using firemonkey. This application has a tlistbox on the main form and I’ve an issue with setting the height at design time of the tlistboxgroupheader. Although I can set it of course through the size property and see the effect on the form itself ( the platformdefault property becomes false for the size ) , it reverts back to the original size whenever I do something like :

-using the style button in the IDE , go from windows style to android

-if already in android style, do a F12/F12 cycle ( rerendering the form ).
( I have a specific android style defined in the stylebook )

The size reverts back to 30 but the platformdefault property stays false.

This does NOT happen for the normal tlistboxitems.

I tried many things ( as I’m fairly new into fmx and styling ), but I think it’s a bug ? This happens regardless of a stylename set on the group item or not

-In my case, the size always returns to size 30. I’m not sure where that comes from ( the listbox itself has no itemheight defined ) and it it can be changed for all.

-If I stick to windows only, it does not happen and it shows correct size at runtime and keeps it at designtime…

More in general, I find the link between the various ‘classic’ style properties ( like VCL ) of the form components itself and the related fmx style,e.g. in this case ‘listboxfooter’ quite unclear. Like in this case is the size also coming from a styleobject or not ? IF yes, which one as the style is a layout containing other styleobjects and a text object. But also, setting many, many properties of styleobjects in the styleeditor have no impact ( for sure the none visual ones ) but how to know which ones do, and which ones don”t ? Is there a good recent article describing in detail how the styling mechanisms work ? Especially about priorities ? ( what setting overules the other one and takes priority etc..).

I’m sure this styling framework is very powerfull, but at the cost of a steep lurning curve coming from VCL ?( Opening my first stylebook was nothing far from ‘overwhelming’ — “what do all these things do ?” 🙂 –.

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