Embarcadero Conference 2019, Brazil


On October 22nd, 2019, there was another edition of Embarcadero Conference in São Paulo, Brazil.
Hundreds of Delphi enthusiasts come together every year to find out about the new developments!

Also this year over 500 attendees were present to expand their knowledge.

There were seven simultaneous sessions, all happening in the same auditorium. The attendees could choose which session they wanted to listen to, by selecting the audio channel in their headphones.

More information about the sessions can be found on the event site.

Wagner Landgraf, architect TMS Business tools, did also participate in this event. He presented the following session: “Anatomy NFC-e issuer in the cloud (REST API)”. A NFC-e and NFS-e emitter in the cloud was showed, built with Delphi, with information about its architecture, REST API description, and issuance from the client.

Wagner Landgraf about the content “in the cloud”
NFC-e is a legal digital document in Brazil, and when we issue such a document in the cloud, we have several advantages compared to the issuing of the same document in a local desktop or mobile application:

One single and centralized place to configure the issuing environment (installation of certificates, configuration of cryptography libraries, etc.)
Minimizes the risk of problems and support cost: you don’t have to configure hundreds of client environments
Much easier system update and maintenance: you also don’t need to manage all the clients.
You can issue NFC-e from any platform (from a desktop Windows application, a mobile application, or even from Raspberry PI, who knows?). All you need is internet connection and HTTP communication on that platform.
It’s easier to develop clients in other platforms. No need to be able to port and compile several 3rd party libraries needed for the document issuing, like ACBr, FastReport, FortesReport, cryptography dlls or tools, etc.

Marcos Moreira, Embarcadero MVP, was also present at the event and he presented a session about our new framework TMS WEB Core

Both the sessions received positive feedback, the attendees were interested and enthusiast.

We hope to bring even more good content for the next edition!

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