How to alter the sensitivity of a FMX.TStringGrid to better respond to "click" rather than "scroll"


We have a Delphi 10.3 Rio FireMonkey app. Part of the main form is a TStringGrid containing a list of materials. The user can touch “click” into a quantity cell to enter the amount of material they wish to use, or they can touch “scroll” the list up and down if there is more than the visible number of lines.

The problem we have heard from our Android tablet users, is that it seems very unresponsive when trying to enter the quantity. They have to press several times into the cell before it goes into edit mode and allows them to enter a value.

iPad and Windows users are not reporting this problem. We’ve tried several different Android devices, and they all exhibit the same issue.

From discussions among ourselves, we’ve hit on the idea that the component is responding to the touch as the beginning of a scroll rather than the click of the cell, and we are wondering if there is a way to alter how the component behaves, or add events to either the TStringGrid or the TFloatColumn that would better detect the click and force it to edit the cell based on the hit test?

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