Home indicator across toolbar on iOS 13


I upgraded to Xcode 11 so i could build my fmx app and install on an iOS 13 iPad. I’m working in Rad Studio 10.3.2 in C++Builder. The test worked with 3 exceptions, the first 2 of which are getting sorted out by Embarcadero with 10.3.3.

1) App installed but Rad Studio could not launch it – got Can’t start debugserver on device – device support image was not mounted. Ok, probably gets ironed out in 10.3.3.

2) When i ran my app while the iPad was in dark mode i had some issues with listboxes not displaying correctly etc. This is issue of light/bark is being addressed by Embarcadero with 10.3.3 so no big deal here either.

3) This last thing i’m not sure of, the home indicator covers up part of my bottom toolbar. How do i avoid that? Is that an issue to be fixed in 10.3.3? See the line across my bottom middle icon below.

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