After redeploying a FireMonkey app to my physical device, GetDocumentsPath always contains older asset files


I’m developing a Delphi FireMonkey app and I’m testing it using some assets. It seems to work fine.

However, now I completely removed all assets from the Deployment Manager and whenever I remove the app from my device (using some ADB shell commands, I can verify that the app directory is completely removed) and run the app again in debug from the IDE, some older assets appear again. (in fact, 1 SQLite database file and a tmp file representing the form savestate. They have normal file attributes, but the file dates are 1970-01-19).

Using the ADB shell command again, I notice these files reappear BEFORE the app hits the StartupCopy unit initialization!

I’ve verified many things, but I have no idea where they keep re-appearing from (from Android itself or transferred from my PC, but since I removed them all, this is very unlikely).

I’m very puzzled with this. If I delete only the data files from the app on the device, this does not happen. Only when I completely remove the app.

Is there a backup/init/loading mechanism on Android itself that might cause this? Since my device is not rooted, looking on the device itself is limited.

ls -l of my app’s directory:

-rw——- 1 u0_a289 u0_a289 4 1970-01-19 03:56 FM_TMainForm_MainForm.TMP
-rw——- 1 u0_a289 u0_a289 217088 1970-01-19 03:45 dancegenie.sqlite

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