iOS Notification sound playing in app, although this hasn’t been initiated by me (iOS 12 only)


Ever since updating devices to iOS 12, my Delphi application has started playing sound notifications when a specific operation is done in the application. This has not been coded or configured by me. When using the application in iOS 11 or lower, the sound notification does not play.

The project is built and compiled in Delphi 10.3.1. I cannot find any mentions of this phenomena anywhere in the RAD Studio documentation, or online. Disabling notifications for the application in the iOS settings does work, however this solution has its drawbacks obviously.

Edit: This is the documentation I have been reading:

This operation, when initiated, starts an animation of a spinning wheel, indicating waiting (not TAniIndicator). A TTimer is also started at this point, indicating to the user how long the wait has been. However, I cannot see how the event handler in the timer could make this happen:

procedure MainForm.timer_loadingTimer(Sender: TObject);
tt_loadingText.Tag := tt_loadingText.Tag + 1;
tt_loadingText.Text := tt_loadingText.Tag.ToString + ‘ seconds.’;

Has anyone ever run into the same issue, and has any idea what could cause it?
I suspect there is some configuration somewhere, or maybe it is a side effect hidden deep in my code.

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