One Codebase – Multiple Targets


This week we focused on FNC, with a series of media content, brought to you via Facebook, Twitter, blog posts and other media channels. We wanted to focus on what FNC is by highlighting each framework and its corresponding operating systems individually. Here is a sample of what this looks like for the WEB.

We plan on using this for communication, promotion, technical articles, and we believe this will allow you, as a customer, have a better understanding on what FNC is. Below is an overview of what FNC offers, and what it can potentially mean for your application.

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these frameworks:


TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these operating systems/browsers:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these IDE's:

One Codebase
With FNC, we aim for one code base, that can be re-used on all the supported frameworks and eventually target multiple operating systems. We started with FMX and VCL, and thanks to the high level of abstraction we added LCL support which gave us access to Unix operating systems. Recently, we have added WEB support as well via TMS WEB Core. As an example, we have created an FNC overview demo to demonstrate the “one-codebase – multiple targets” principle.

We are currently also working very hard on a BETA of FNC, which brings a lot of small improvements and fixes, but also brings 2 new components: TTMSFNCPDFLib and TTMSFNCGraphicsPDFIO. In case you missed the blog post demonstrating these 2 components, check out the blog post at the following URL: The blog post focusses on creating a report in PDF completely generated client-side in the webbrowser. It shows how to mix custom PDF content and existing FNC components and of course also works on the “one codebase – multiple targets” principle explained in this blog post.

We want your feedback!
Please feel free to leave a comment, send us an email with suggestions on this approach and what we can improve in our communication. We want you to get a smile out of your application, because a smiling application, is a smiling customer!

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