Installation and GetIt Workarounds for Delphi 10.3.2 (Updated)


Some of the Embarcadero servers (in one of the web farms) are experiencing some severe and prolonged outage. This is affecting (among other things) Delphi 10.3.2 installation. As a temporary workaround, the company has:

provided the direct link to the ISO installer download,

set up a new GetIt server to allow customers on 10.3.2 (and partially also on older 10.3.x versions) to install the most relevant add-ons and packages, like FMX Linux and Boost:

We should soon have the regular GetIt-based offline installer for 10.3.2 working again with the temporary server. 

August 1st Update

We now have the ability to install 10.3.2 via GetIt using this temporary system, there is no need to change the GetIt URL manually, as it is embedded in an updated installer. And CodeCentral MyRegistered products is online again with the updated downloads.  Read more on the latest status at

Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the inconvenience. 

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