Hide Android softkeys (triangle, circle, rectangle shape) when it appears automatically in Delphi FMX


I set my form on MyApp as a FullScreen. So it means the form will cover all area of Android screen including softkey (In currently android phone) and Info Bar (Battery, simcard, signal info etc). Unfortunately, MyApp uses some default dialog bog comes with fmx (TDialogService.MessageDialog) and it will trigger device to show softkey, and it wont hide automatically when dialog box closed.

I tried to hide virtual keyboard by adding new procedure like this :

procedure TForm1.HideSoftKeyAndVKeyboard;
var FService: IFMXVirtualKeyboardService;
(IFMXVirtualKeyboardService, IInterface(FService));

But the softkey, is still there.

Do you have any solution for this problem? Thank you so much.

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