How to refresh TListView LiveBinding with TAdapterBindSource


I am using Delphi 10.3.1 (Firemonkey FMX) to build android and iOS app. I have a TListView, live binding with a AdapterBindSource. My problem is: new records does not appear after Adapter refreshed.


I created a TObjectList, added 3 objects to it
I created a TBindSourceAdapter by passing a TObjectList to create it.
I assign the TBindSourceAdapter to AdapterBindSource1.Adapter.
Then I Free the TObjectList and re-create it, add 4 newly created objects (3 of them are old records, with some data modified, 1 is a new record)
I do TBindSourceAdapter.Refresh and TAdapterBindSource.Refresh
Those 3 old records are refreshed successfully with modified data displayed, but the new record is not showing up in Android and iOS
The same logic working fine in Windows platform


My logic

create TObjectList

first I get records from Rest Server and converted into a TObjectList

TData : class(TObject) … // a class stored some data
TDataList = class(TObjectList<TData>)
// then I get data from Rest Server and created FList, it is a Form private variable
FList := TDataList.Create; // a private Form variable
// create Tdata objects and add to FList …..

create TBindSourceAdapter, assign to AdapterBindSource

var ABindSourceAdapter: TBindSourceAdapter;
// ….
ABindSourceAdapter := TListBindSourceAdapter<TData>.Create(self, FList, True);
AdapterBindSource1.Adapter := ABindSourceAdapter;
AdapterBindSource1.Active := true;

then the records show on ListView which live bindings with the AdapterBindSource

Refresh FList records

When click on Refresh button, I trigger to get data from Rest server again, I do free the FList and re-create it

FList := TDataList.Create; // re-create the list, then create Tdata object and add to it again.

refresh the Adapter

then I refresh the adapter


here the 3 old records are refreshed successfully, modified data are displayed correctly, however, new record is not showing, the TListView still showing 3 records only.


I did not re-create TListBindSourceAdapter and assign to AdapterBindSource1.Adapter again during refresh, the records still refreshed successfully.
However, even I re-create TListBindSourceAdapter and assign to AdapterBindSource1.Adapter again, new record still does not show up, only caused memory leaking.

How can I resolve this? is there something I missing like to refresh the TListView? Or my BindSourceAdapter refresh logic is wrong?

Thanks for any help.

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