Delphi 10.3 RIO ImageList causes crash on Android 5.1.1


I recently moved from Delphi Berlin to Delphi Rio since I need the new Android stuff. Trough trial and error I figured out that the ImageList I have in my DataModule is causing a problem – It starts and stays at the Splash Screen.

I’ve created a new Multi-Device application without anything, put a SpeedButton (SB_BTN1) and a ImageList on the main form. Loaded a small BMP image to the ImageList and attached it to the SpeedButton (SB_BTN1) – which causes for it to stay on the splash screen and not load.

BUT if I add another SpeedButton (SB_BTN2) – and set (SB_BTN1) invisible, and on the (SB_BTN2) – code I add that it makes the (SB_BTN1) visible, the form gets past the loading screen and everything works.

I aswell have attached it to Logcat to see what it says – to no success, it doesn’t show any error.

My Andrid SDK API Level is 26 and NDK Level is 14 — If this helps in any way

Forgot to mention, that the sample: “ImageListDemo” also does this.

EDIT-2: So I aswell tried to do a fresh install – I reseted my whole pc, and I upgraded from 10.3 to 10.3.1 – still the same problem.

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