When the application is closed, the Android Local service was stopped


I’m using Delphi 10.3 for developing android application and I have implemented Service to retrieve the data from Server. The thread was running properly but it closes when the app is closed.
I have used the following code to run the service:

AddLog; //Log
SampleThread := TThread.Create;
Result := TJService.JavaClass.START_REDELIVER_INTENT;

The same code worked fine in Delphi 10.1 (without mentioning the Android 26 as target version).

Also I have tried using TTask but still the problem does not resolves.
Also I have tried Result := TJService.JavaClass.START_STICKY;, but still the service closes.

And after several analysis, I have analyzed after closing the host application the service, the Service starts again and the thread/Task initiated and the service was destroyed.

Should I need to enable any special permission or while creating should I need to add more code. Currently, I’m using the following code for initiating the service from the host application:

FLocalServiceConnection := TLocalServiceConnection.Create;

Please help me to resolve this issue to run the service after the host app closes.

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