IdHTTP to ensure push data to Ubidots (FMX, WIN32)


I can push an encrypted piece of humidity data up to my Ubidots cloud database by simply loading the following url in a web browser:

When I do that, I get the success response in the browser window

{“humidity”: [{“status_code”: 201}]}

and the data shows up in my data table on Ubidots.

Now, I want to do this from an FMX app (C++ on Win32) without a visible browser, and I would like to check that I get the nice “201” response code. I looked at this link and cobbled up the following line of code:

Memo1->Text = IdHTTP1->Get(“”);

When I run it, I get a “Could not load SSL library” error message. How do I tell TIdHTTP to use SSL so it can handle the HTTPS? Is there a better, cleaner way to do this?

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