Resize images in TImageList with antialias


I download images, resize them and insert them with the follwing code found on StackOverFlow:

Navigator.Get(Image, MImage);
MImage.Position := 0;
si := HeaderFooterWithNavigation.ArticlesImages.Source.Add;
si.Name := ‘Source’ + IntToStr(A);
si.MultiResBitmap.LoadItemFromStream(MImage, 1);
Layer := d.Layers.Add;
Layer.SourceRect.Rect := TRectF.Create(0, 0,
si.MultiResBitmap.Bitmaps[1].Width, si.MultiResBitmap.Bitmaps[1].Height);
Layer.Name :=;

While this works, the images in my ListView end up being pixelated. How can they appear with antialias? I use Delphi 10.2 Rio and work with FMX.

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