ProgressBar off screen on iOS (FMX)


I have a ProgressBar to track completion of a file download. The ProgressBar is on a ToolBar. The ToolBar is on a Panel. ProgressBar Align set on Client. ToolBar Align set on MostBottom. Panel Align is set on Client (fills the form).

When i run on Win32 it works as expected – the progress bar fills and right as it gets to 100% the download is done. Not so on iOS. When the progress bar fills all the way to the right it still takes another 10-15 seconds before the download completes. So, right as the progress gets to the far right i turn the phone sideways (landscape) and i can see that the progress bar is now NOT full. The pic below shows it when i oriented the phone landscape (at the moment the progress bar looked full).

Why isn’t the progress bar fitting completely on the screen when portrait orientation? I’ve tried Align on Client, Fit, Contents – nothing works to fit the ProgressBar on the screen.

p.s. the ProgressBar ControlType is set to Platform, otherwise it is a remarkably short line that can’t be seen. Also, I am working in C++ Builder.

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