iOS delayed notification only fires if app closed (FMX)


Based on this Embarcadero example I have the following code in a TButton click in FMX app for iOS. Supposed to pop up a notification after 10 seconds.

void __fastcall TForm1::ScheduleNotificationButtonClick(TObject *Sender)
if (NotificationCenter1->Supported()) {
TNotification *myNotification = NotificationCenter1->CreateNotification();
__try {
myNotification->Name = “MyNotification”;
myNotification->AlertBody = “C++ for your mobile device is here!”;
// Fire in 10 seconds
myNotification->FireDate = Now() + EncodeTime(0, 0, 10, 0);
// Send notification to the notification center
__finally {

When i click the button nothing happens. But, I accidentally figured out that i can make it fire by closing the app AFTER clicking the button. If i click the button and then close the app, sure enough, at 10 seconds the notification pops up. What could possibly be suppressing the notification from firing while the app is running?

p.s. This is related to my earlier post but this is unique enough i thought clearer to make separate post.

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