Firemonkey iOS CFBundleExecutable error deploying application


For the last 48 hours I’m trying to deploy my application to my iPhone.
I’m getting an error

unable to extract application bundle executable info. Please check Info.plist CFBundleExecutable key

Did anybody face the same problem? I haven’t changed the provisioning profiles or any versioninformations, the error occurred out of nowhere.

My Workspace set up:

Delphi Rio 10.3.1
macOS HighSierra
iOS 12.1
latest XCode build

Things I’v ealready tried:

changing CFBundleidentifier to blank or “????”, right now it is com.jilsApp.* in the version information
rename the Project
deploying another project to the iPhone successfull and reading the info.plist file
changing the info.plist of my project by hand
replacing “$ModuleName” with projectname within the version information
rebooting mac and iPhone
restart PAServer20.0
and finally asking Dr. Google

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