Delphi FMX: How to create a string grid cell with multiple columns


I have a string grid, but I want to create cells that would be split into 3 “mini” columns within the cell, how would I do this, if it is possible, using FMX delphi?

So essentially in the grid each cell would have 3 columns (1 row), and in each of those columns is a cell.

This string grid would be to represent a calendar/diary planner etc, each of the main cells would be a day in the month, and the mini cells would represent an early/late/night time frame in the day. What I would like to have is the ability to access TStringGrid.Cells[x,y] and then set the columns within that Cell to a certain letter/number. So the cell would be shown as e.g 24 E L N, the 24 if possible could be a header to the main cell.

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