Indy cause application crash on macOS


I have some multithreaded applications for both Windows and Mac compiled, using Delphi 10.3 and the firemonkey framework.

It access websites, running 50 threads, processing with that 50 sites at the same time.

On PC, it runs as it should, no issue, but when running on the Mac, and indy trigger many exceptions (like socket errors, or 503 or such), the app just crash.

Because I need to use proxies, I cannot use the nethttpclient components (no custom proxy support on Mac), and have to use indy.

I know, many will say that indy/firemonkey has issues on Mac regarding exception handling, but then, for what is it all good when it does not work at all properly? I am not having issues when using the nethttpclient components, but as I wrote, I need proxy support on Mac.

Does anybody has a clue how to get this issue solved, or knows other components I could use on Win and Mac which support proxies?

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