How to set alignment in Fire Monkey multi device application at runtime C++ Builder?


The main problem is FMX dose not support the SomeController->Align = alClient; but that code will work in the VLC application, so after many googling I fine TAlignLayout.Client for my case and the documentation of it is here and here, I try many way to use it but it wont work!

I want create Frame in the runtime as you can see in the following code:

TSettings *appSettingsFrame;
appSettingsFrame = new TSettings(viewSettings);
appSettingsFrame->Parent = viewSettings;
appSettingsFrame->Align = TAlignLayout.Client;

TSettings is Fire Monkey Frame and I use the above code in FormCreate event to create it, at runtime.

viewSettings is TMultiView and it’s place for appSettingsFrame.

If I run application for Android target, the error massage point me to ‘TAlinLayout’ dose not refer to a value.

And if I run application for 32-bit Windows target, the error massage point me to Improper use of typedef ‘TAlignLayout’.

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