Convert TMediaPlayer->Duration to min:sec (FMX)


I’m working with the TMediaPlayer1 control in an FMX app using C++ Builder 10.2 Version 25.0.29899.2631. The code below runs fine in Win32 and gives the expected result after loading an mp3 file that is 35 minutes, 16 seconds long.

When i run this same code targeting iOS i get the following error:

[bcciosarm64 Error] Unit1.cpp(337): use of overloaded operator ‘/’ is ambiguous (with operand types ‘Fmx::Media::TMediaTime’ and ‘int’)

Here is my code that takes the TMediaPlayer1->Duration and converts it to min:sec,

UnicodeString S = System::Ioutils::TPath::Combine(System::Ioutils::TPath::GetDocumentsPath(),”43506.mp3″);
if (FileExists(S)) {
MediaPlayer1->FileName = S;
int sec = MediaPlayer1->Duration / 10000000; // <– this is problem line
int min = sec / 60;
sec = sec – (60 * min);
lblEndTime->Text = IntToStr(min) + “:” + IntToStr(sec);

How should i be doing that division?

UPDATE 1: I fumbled around and figured out how to see the values with this code below. When i run on Win32 i get 21169987500 for the Duration (35 min, 16 seconds) and i get 10000000 for MediaTimeScale – both correct. When i run on iOS i get 0 for Duration and 10000000 for MediaTimeScale. But, if i start the audio playing (e.g. MediaPlayer1->Play();) first and THEN run those 2 showmessages i get the correct result for Duration.

MediaPlayer1->FileName = S; // load the mp3
ShowMessage(IntToStr((__int64) Form1->MediaPlayer1->Media->Duration));
ShowMessage(IntToStr((__int64) MediaTimeScale));

It looks like the Duration does not get set on iOS until the audio actually starts playing. I tried a 5 second delay after setting MediaPlayer1->Filename but that doesn’t work. I tried a MediaPlayer1->Play(); followed by MediaPlayer->Stop(); but that didn’t work either.

Why isn’t Duration set when the FileName is assigned? I’d like to show the Duration before the user ever starts playing the audio.

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