Unable to test in app purchase with delphi firemonkey iOS app


So I used the delphi wiki to set up in app purchases in my application. My app is set up properly in iTunes connect (actually already has one release, before I decided to add an in app purchase).


However, the status of my in app purchase is currently “Ready To submit” from doing googling, apparently i -should- be able to test the in app purchase while it’s in this state by using a sandbox apple account. Which I have setup.

However, the way everyone says to sign into the account is by launching the app and attempting the purchase (hitting a button that calls the in app purchases components “PurchaseProduct” procedure), which should then prompt me to login. But I never get the prompt.

I believe this is because the product I created is not being found by the application, as when I use the “queryProducts” procedure on the in app purchases product. it comes back and says that my productID was invalid. But I know it is valid, the product ID in appstore connect is “ProMode” and my product IDs string list is populated with one entry “ProMode”. I am also using the correct ID when I try the purchaseProduct call of “ProMode”

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong here, if someone could provide me with some insight. that would be much appreciated.

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