How i make my delphi android app to always show the available apps for my activity


I am using an Intent for sending an email.
When I first install the app and I press the button to send the email my android device is displaying all available apps like, Skype, Gmail etc.
when I click on Gmail I am sending my email but when I click again to send the attachment this time with skype the app automatically remembers my last action and always open Gmail.
I guess should be a flag to sent on ident via Delphi but I don’t know which.


How I make my app always display the available activities to launch for sending my email

Okey find it.

chooserIntent := TJIntent.JavaClass.createChooser(Intent, StrToJCharSequence(‘Choose App’));
TAndroidHelper.Activity.startActivityForResult(chooserIntent, ResultInt);

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