How to load a custom cursor from file in Firemonkey to be used on a Mac app?


I want to load a custom cursor from a file (or any other way) to be used on my FireMonkey application. I know I want to lead with IFMXCursorService as described here and write my own class which implements IFMXCursorService interface: SetCursor/GetCursor. The problem is that I want to build the app for Mac so I can’t use any call to Windows API like all the examples I have found do (LoadCursorFromFile, etc.). So:

1) Is there a way to load a cursor from file without using Windows API?

2) If there is a way: Can the implementation be “adjusted” using compiler directives to have the Windows and Mac implementation on the same unit so that I can build the app for Windows and Mac respectively?

PS: I’m using Delphi 10.2.3 (Tokyo)

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