Draw on Canvas with no anti-aliasing effect in Firemonkey


I am trying to make a kind of bitmap editor so I just want to draw a line on a bitmap with no anti-aliasing effect in Firemonkey. Something like this:

Bmp: TBitmap;

Bmp := TBitmap.Create(2000, 2000);
if (Bmp.Canvas.BeginScene) then
Bmp.Canvas.Stroke.Color := TAlphaColors.Aquamarine;
Bmp.Canvas.DrawLine(PointF(5, 5), PointF(100, 100), 1);

But it doesn’t work. I am trying for a while with several ideas with no luck:

Using Map/Unmap to access the bitmap data directly is very slow with big bitmaps according to my coworkers.
Using a TImage with DisableInterpolation=true and even GlobalUseGPUCanvas=False doesn’t work.
Using a TPaintBox component doesn’t fit our needs.
The solution would be the use of Canvas.Quality=HighPerformance but it’s a read-only property. I tried to change the bitmap Canvas.Quality in different ways but it doesn’t work.

So how can I simply draw a line with no anti-aliasing effect at all in Firemonkey?

PS: I am using Delphi 10.2.3 (Tokyo)

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