Delphi FMX VertScrollBox not scrolling as desired due to child objects. Any suggestions?


I have a good number of objects existing on a VertScrollBox on an FMX android app, but the scroll only works when I touch the screen on the VertScrollBox screen areas where the other objects are not overlapping.

How do I get the VertscrollBox to provide a better scroll experience for the user regardless of where I touch the screen?

Already Tried: By setting HitTest=False on objects whose parent is VertScrollBox (the objects that overlap over the VertScrollBox) I can temporarily allow the VertScrollBox to work as desired, but then I have to set the HitTest=True for all objects once scrolling is complete. This can not be the recommended way to handle this. There is certainly something i am overlooking.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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