How to call the refreshing of data-aware (live-binding) component in FireMonkey?


I have a TListView linked in LiveBindings with a TFDMemTable. I load data in the FDMemTable using LoadFromFile (I have for example 20 record).

When a delete a record from the FDMemTable, the RecordCount is decreased but the TListList is not refreshed. It continues to display the 20 records loaded on the LoadFormFile.

If with the FDMemTable: I .SaveToFile, .Close, and reload with .LoadFromFile, the TListView now display the change.

This is the same behavior if I use the CachedUpdate of FDMemTable or not.

I’ve tried to call TFDMemTable.Refresh and TListView.Repaint without succes.

Is it possible to call the TListView to refresh his “linked” set of data ?

When I delete a record in the FDMemTable, why no visible refresh occur on the TListView ?

I must add a thing, the record is deleted programmatically.

The desired functionality is to delete sone unwanted record in the FDMemTable and display the remaining record to the user with the TListView.

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