What has happened to ComboBox.Sorted := True; in Delphi 10.2?


Having recently received a ‘Tumbleweed’ badge for my last question, I am not sure whether I should be asking any more questions, but here goes.

I am populating a TComboBox with items from a sqlite table and this works fine. In my previous version of Delphi I was able to use ComboBox1.Sorted := True; to sort the items, but this seems to have disappeared in Delphi 10.2. I can sort the items in the table by applying a query and then populate the TComboBox from the sorted table. However, for curiosities sake I would like to find out how one now sorts items in a TComboBox. I have found some references to TComboBox(Sort:Compare) but have not succeeded in getting this to work to as of yet.

Can somebody please shed some light on this – many thanks

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