Pictures from the 10.3 Rio Preview in Brazil


We just shared a preview of 10.3 Rio in Brazil on Tuesday, the 23 of October here at the Embarcadero Conference in São Paulo. Over 750 developers were in attendance, and the speakers included many Embarcadero and Sencha MVPs. I snapped a few pictures from the event that I thought I would share.
With a name like 10.3 Rio is great we were able to do a preview event in Brazil as part of their annual developer conference. I’ve been in attendance every year since I started at Embarcadero, and it is something I always look forward to. Most years the attendance is around 400 to 500. I’m sure the news about 10.3 Rio and the recent Community Edition helped contribute to the high attendance numbers this year. Either way it is great to see the Delphi developer community continue to grow.
I hope to get some more of the pictures I was in with the MVPs and other speakers, as well as some other general conference pictures. I’ll share those later when I get them.
All the sessions were the same room with the attendees using headsets to switch between the audio tracks. If you didn’t have a headset the room was pretty quiet.
David Millington kicking off the Keynote where we previewed some 10.3 Rio features
The Exhibit Hall with some great partners
This is me in front of the welcome sign
David Millington in front of the welcome sign
I’m wearing the Rio RGB Glasses with the Delphi powered controller on my Android phone
Kelver and Fernando with David and I
David Millington showing new Delphi language features
Stay tuned for more news about 10.3 Rio and other pictures from the event!

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