Delphi no provisioning profile found for iOS


In order to meet AppStore’s min requirement of iOS SDK 11.3
on the Mac I had to update to XCode 9.4.1 and macOS Mojave, but now I can’t make Delphi 10.3.2 iOS provisioning to work. it worked before that.

With XCode I built, deployed and run a “Hello World” app on the iphone, so I figure certificates and provisioning are correct.

On Delphi I set Build configuration=Debug, Target=iOS Device 64 – iOS SDK 11.4

When I click Project > Options > Provisioning there is an error:
“No provisioning profile found for the selected
build configuration and the selected device “iphoneX”

Using PAServer in verbose mode, I can see that
Delphi runs 1 command on PAServer to detect provisioning failure

“/usr/bin/security” find-identity -v

Running this command on a separate Terminal i got:

1) 79…B99A “Developer ID Application: OMARR (V7..29)”
2) 0AC…9E3 “Developer ID Installer: OMARR (V7..29)”
3) 342…DB4 “iPhone Distribution: OMARR (V7..29)”
4) 21…8D4C “iPhone Developer: OmarR (W92..BB)”

And Delphi goes “No provisioning profile found..”
May be the problem has to do with the certificate names.
I used Xcode automatic certificate creation

I tried to find some option for Provisioning on Delphi
but it seems there is only the “Auto” mode.

I’m stuck …

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