Debugging Delphi 7 DLL through Delphi 10 Seattle host application


I have written a FireMonkey application in Delphi 10.0 Seattle that dynamically loads a DLL written in Delphi 7. That DLL has a VCL Form. When I run the application, it works fine.

When I try to debug the DLL in Delphi 7 (with the Host application pointing to the FireMonkey application), the problem starts. The VCL Form is created and shown, but it keeps changing focus with Delphi 7. When I click on the Form’s icon in the Windows Taskbar, it stops changing focus, but the keyboard and mouse actions don’t work properly. I can’t type in Edit controls, or click on a ComboBox and keep it dropped down.

Should I configure something different to debug in this scenario, or this won’t work at all?


The only way I managed to debug was to first start the application without debug, then in Delphi 7, Run > Attach to Process… and select the application, but this does not work all the time, acttually, I have to try a lot of times to get this to work.. most of the times it just won’t activate the debug.

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