Is this scrollable UI design based on multiple TImages wrong for Android?


Using Delphi 10.2.3 I am designing a vertical scroll list that includes:

1 x TVertScrollBox parent.
1 x TRectangle Background with a gradient fill covering the entire height of the TVertScrollBox parent.
1 x TImage “load more” button background.
1 x TLabel “load more” button text (with shadow effect).

And 5 “entries” where each entry has:

1 x TImage background image (with shadow effect).
1 x TImage displaying a thumbnail.
2 x TImage representing actions.
4 x TLabel with displaying text (1 with a shadow effect).

On windows it works well.
On Android, with nothing else running in the background, scrolling stutters and lags to the point it’s not usable (tested on multiple devices).

From experimenting, I noticed that when an effect comes into view, it seems to lag and stuttering, especially on lower end devices.

Is this type of UI design simply not practical on Android using Delphi?

Disabling all effects fixes this issue.

After more investigation, it appears there are two issues:
1. If there’s an effect (e.g. TShadowEffect) on a TImage, scrolling will lag just once as the control scrolls into view. On later scrolls it doesn’t lag anymore.
2. If the effect is on a TLabel then it will lag each time the TLabel enters into view.

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